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Monday, September 19, 2005

Conception of Salaam Namaste ...

How they came up with this movie:
Aditya Chopra (producer): ...But you know it gotta be new.
Siddharth Anand (director): Lets see what we can do? How about a new location?
A: Oh yes! In the past movies, We've been to London, new york, LA.. how about Melbourne this time?
S: Fantastic! and we can have a couple of beach songs there, you know thats the latest trend these days.
A: OK Lets talk about the story. I've an idea, lets do a different kind of romantic movie.
S: What different?
A: How about if we make a modern day love story, girl and boy both living outside India. That way we can also capture those NRI sentiments you know?
S: Whoa whoa! But that we have already seen in so many other movies lately. Need to add something more to it.
A: How about if the boy and the girl live together?
S: Live-in relationships? Indian audience will never accept that.
A: Ha! They are going' to jump on it, it will be a fresh story, wholly new idea, you know. Boy and girl stay together, fall in love, have sex, and then the girl becomes pregnant.
S: You are talking about "nine-months"?
A: whatever! how many in India have watched nine months? forget it. people are just going to love the idea.
S: OK so the story is finalized. What about the music?
A: Yeh, we need one or two dance item numbers, one wedding song?
S: why a wedding song?
A: You don't understand! its that superstition thing!
S: OK OK! But how are we going to have dance numbers when the heroine is pregnant?
A: Don't worry! Audience won't care. They come only to see the dance and songs. Nobody gives a damn even if she dances while giving birth to her baby.
A: I've got this gut feeling, in last movie remember, people loved the comedy. We have to have that in this movie too.
S: But its a serious movie. How can it have comedy?
A: Then arrange some part time TV actor. You know those anchors, they can speak so much on the spot you don't even need to worry about writing dialogs for them.
S: Thats fine. How about the cast?
A: Lets see, Preity is hot these day. See if we get dates from Preity, else go for Rani. Male actor, I don't think Shahrukh is that good after Swades. and Aamir, just don't approach him, he'll demand the god-damn script first.
S: Then how about Saif.
A: He'll do. Anything else?
S: We'll see that on the sets. Lets start working on it.



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