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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Luxury at what cost!

Recently, India bought Embraer Luxury Jets (5 jets cost a whopping Rs 727 crore) for the use of VVIPs. Read the article here.

Who bears the cost of these luxuries which these politicians enjoy? You and me! And all the other tax-payers. We keep giving one-third of our hard earned money back to the government year on year. And what does the government do with that money? No, it
is not used to make good roads for us... No, it is not used to create employment for the needy... it is used to fill the fat (and hollow, perhaps) pockets of these politicians... it goes to make them fly in luxury.

All we can do is to pray and hope that the roads would become drivable... petrol prices would not go up any further. That's it! We can do nothing more than that. With the way these things are going, pretty soon we would have to stop driving our own vehicles, while these @#$@#%& politicians will zoom away in these luxury jets...



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Blogger Casablanca said...

Well.. I guess thats the curse of democracy. To show our disgust, we need to wait till the elections. Maybe its time the educated class of India started a political party? But then again... how long will that remain uncorupted?

8:04 AM

Blogger Anshul said...


thanks for dropping by at shaayari. totally agree with you here... politicians are extremely efficient at wasting public resources or public money. either they'll arbitrarily block one jet from AI or IA which has passengers to carry or they'll buy the most exorbitant jets on the market.

you asked about hindi typing - well i use a Mac and all you have to do is change the input system; and I believe its pretty much the same on Windows, though you might have to do some work in control panel -> regional settings. Here are a couple of websites that should help:विकिपीडिया:Setting_up_your_browser_for_Indic_scripts

9:36 PM

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