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Monday, November 21, 2005

Patchy Road

Today (22.11.05) the skies were overcast in Bangalore - quite gloomy, in fact. I was on my way to work, braving the Airport Road traffic. As usual, the number of vehicles on the road were far more than it can take and the traffic was moving at snail's pace. The signal at Wind Tunnel road turned red and within no time traffic piled up beyond Kempfort. At this time there was a slight drizzle, but it was enough to wet the road. And wet the road, it did. The signal turned green and the vehicles in front of me moved away to reveal a nice light and dark gray pattern on the road. The road was dry and hence lighter in color where the vehicles were standing and wet and darker between them. I wish I could have taken a picture of that and posted here, but the cars behind me started honking and I had to move on. For some time, I kept admiring this patchy road while driving and it took away the stress away from driving for some time, before I was back to maneuvering my way in the traffic. Some times very simple things like these lift your mood in a gloomy day, like it is today



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