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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who's next? Mr Prime Minister?

On World AIDS Day, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the National Convention on HIV/AIDS for Youth Leaders of Political Parties and said "... Shed inhibitions, start talking openly about safe sex ..."

What are you doing Mister Prime Minister? Talk about "SEX"?? Don't you know that we live in a country of hypocrites where talking about Sex is not allowed. You are next in line ... They will soon have hundreds of cases against you for talking openly about a taboo topic. Have you forgotten the name of Khushboo, who a few days ago had expressed her opinion on the same topic and almost ended up behind bars? No, this is not done sir!

Well, sarcasm apart, it is good to see that Mr Manmohan Singh spoke openly about the much avoided topic in our counrty (ironically, the same country that gave Kamasutra to the whole world!). I really wish Khushboo was also as lucky and had not faced the plight she had to.



Blogger Sachin said...

Yes Sir. You are right. We live in a country full of hypocritic people.
As Mr Chappel said the other day. Indians are not comfortable with the straight-forward.

11:55 PM

Blogger Möbius said...

And to them, Mr Chappel shows his finger ;-)

11:59 PM


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